Free Startup Idea Fridays: One Dashboard

This is my latest post in my Free Startup Ideas series.

I've been coming up with business ideas since my earliest childhood memories. Most of them have been absolutely terrible. Some of them have been decent. And now I'm going to give away some of my best ones for free.

Am I really give these ideas away with zero expectation of return? Absolutely.

  1. Ideas are worthless. It's all about execution. If you want to take one of these ideas and run with it, do it. I'll even be happy to give you a brain dump with all of my notes on the idea as I’ve been thinking about most of them for a while.
  2. I take coffee meetings all the time with people looking for startup ideas. Perhaps one of these ideas will help them spark a new idea of their own.
  3. I want to get these ideas out of my head to clear some of my brain's RAM. That way I can come up with new and better ideas.
  4. I like giving things away and planting seeds.

Without further ado...

One Dashboard

Elevator Pitch: The average person checks 3.2 social networks on a daily basis. All done through different apps, websites, and interfaces. This results in a lot of wasted time sifting through all the extraneous information to get to good stuff you want to see. One Dashboard aggregates the best content each day from all your social networks.

Backstory: I have an intense dislike of inefficiency. It's at the core of my entrepreneurial DNA. Even though I feel a lot of time is wasted on social networks, I do find some value in them. Sometimes. Most of the time, there's a lot of garbage. Very small signal to noise. It's why I recently stopped using Facebook. Facebook's algorithms piss me off. I get too many notifications for too many things that I don't care about, but that little red notification button forces my OCD to check it. Argh. Frustrating.

A Simplified Snapshot

Cut out all the noise. Just show me the most important content in one place regardless of the social network.

It doesn't have to be any more difficult than that. I would find immense value in this. I would check this on a daily basis. No need for more features.

That said, there's a lot more room for features and functionality. There could be learning algorithms that help me identify the best content and worst content to make my dashboard better over time. There could be a historical daily recap of the best content from previous days. There could be functionality that allows me to interact with the comment directly from the dashboard -- likes, comments, shares, etc.

Show me the money?

Most of the startup ideas I think about have very clear monetization plans. I like revenue and businesses that don't need venture funding. In this case, I don't really have a clear path, but the growth plan is straight forward: piggy back on the existing user base of the social networks.

I only started thinking about this idea about a week ago, so it's still a bit fresh. There's lots of room to poke holes in this. Maybe most people enjoy spending (wasting) time browsing their social networks. Maybe most people don't want any filtering or aggregation on their social networks. Maybe most people don't mind the ads and the maze of social networks. Maybe there isn't a simplified view that can be used for all social media and they are best displayed in their native networks. All things worth thinking about, but that's the fun of startup ideas.