Free Startup Idea Fridays: Autonomous Dusting Drones



Pitch: Never dust your home again. Our autonomous drones will automatically seek and destroy dust in your home while your away and automatically return to its charging station when it's done.

Backstory: I hate dusting. I really don't enjoy anything that comes to cleaning. I have a cleaning lady come a couple of times a week, but she never has enough time to dust everything. I got a few negative Airbnb reviews because of some dust. Dust. Geez. Clearly that sparked this latest idea. iRobot has sold over 15 million robots worldwide that autonomously clean your floors. That's a lot of damn vacuuming robots. We now have the ability to take to the skies. Finally, I'll never have to worry about dusting again.

Autonomous Dusting Drones

Drones are becoming better, cheaper and smarter every day. I'm quite thoroughly convinced the technology is there to create a swarm of dusting drones to dust my home. They operate completely independently and are on a constant loop of dust busting. They can have some sort of vacuum-like fan functionality with a collection bag and drop off the dust at the charging station. Through object avoidance and image recognition technology, the drone can get close objects in the home and suck up the dust. They'll keep sucking until it's time to return to the charging station and empty the bag.

There's some obvious questions to be figured out. How many drones are needed per square foot? Could you get away with just one charging station? How frequently would you need to empty the dust in the charging station? I'm certain it's possible. And given how much I currently hate dusting, I'm fairly certain there's a large market for dusting drones.