Free Startup Idea Fridays

I've been coming up with business ideas since my earliest childhood memories. Most of them have been absolutely terrible. Some of them have been decent. Now I'm most excited to give my best ones away for free.

Am I really give these ideas away with zero expectation of return? Absolutely.

  1. Ideas are worthless. It's all about execution. If you want to take one of these ideas and run with it, do it. I'll even be happy to give you a brain dump with all of my notes on the idea as I’ve been thinking about most of them for a while.
  2. I take coffee meetings all the time with people looking for startup ideas. Perhaps one of these ideas will help them spark a new idea of their own.
  3. I want to get these ideas out of my head to clear some of my brain's RAM. That way I can come up with new and better ideas.
  4. I like giving things away and planting seeds.

There are only so many hours in the day, and it's become incredibly important for me to focus my energies on the most high leveraged and aligned activities. That means I'll never be able to act on almost every (good and bad) startup idea I come up with. But that doesn't mean that someone else shouldn't.

I wrote the first free startup idea post back in January of 2015. I'd love to make this a weekly routine and consistently crank out a new post every Friday. The most motivating part of this journey is receiving emails from you when an idea really ressonates with you. Your feedback is the lifeblood of these posts. If you want to chat about any of these ideas or other ideas in general, email me or let's grab a coffee.


Some of these ideas are just that: ideas. Sometimes, I'll do some research to see what else is out there. Sometimes I won't. My general rule is that, if I haven't heard of it, there's still opportunity in the market. That said, some of these ideas I have spent way too much time thinking about. I'll usually mention in the post how much or how little time I've spent on an idea.