Focus and Acceptance


(Image licensed under Creative Commons by ways of a Giant Robot Dinosaur and his amazing guest post “BE ON FIRE.” I don’t think there is a better picture anywhere on this planet to describe focus)

Apparently, there are only so many hours in a day. Assuming I need to sleep, not all 24 hours can be productive. I also have to eat — less productive time. Assuming we keep sleeping and eating time relatively constant (obviously false), the remaining time is free to spend how we see fit.

This “free” time can be filled with productive and non-productive activities. I have been working at eliminating into nonexistence my non-productive activities — watching TV, playing video games, being hungover — and thus increasing time for productive activities — working on STARTUP ME, reading, working out, improving myself and spending time with friends and family.

Even when I completely dominate an entire day, there is always more to do. No matter how awesome I am that day, I will never complete everything. And I accept this (or at least I try to).

The key is to focus on the MOST important thing that needs to be done right now, and DO IT. If you focus your efforts on the absolute most important thing you must do, it becomes incredibly easy to accept that you didn’t finish everything today.

Focus and Acceptance