"Find Your Greatness"

Fact: Nike continues to have the best content on the planet.

From the same people who brought you “Just Do It” and this much lesser known gem “No Excuses" comes an amazing new line of commercials — "Find Your Greatness"

Not only is this is an amazing visual of 12 year old Nathan from London, Ohio, but the transcript is even better.

Greatness. It’s just something we made up. Somehow we come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few for prodigies, for superstars, and the rest of us can only stand by watching. You can forget that. Greatness is not some rare DNA strand. It’s not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are all capable of it, all of us. (Source: LYBIO.net)

If this commercial doesn’t get you fired up, I’m pretty sure you’re not really alive.

Keep up the incredible work Nike. This definitely goes on the list of one of the most inspirational videos of all time.