Facebook: Innovating and Innovating

I'm more impressed with Facebook than ever. They are innovating and they are innovating.

The first innovation is what you think of the outside of Facebook experience. Experiments like Paper and what they are doing with video now are driving the way internally. Then there's also the (thus far) impeccable acquisitions they have had: WhatsApp, Instagram, Occulus VR and quite a few big behind-the-scenes stuff.

I'm super interested in the second innovation. The enhancements that are happening every day to the core Facebook product. It's amazing how they are able to incrementally improve a product that is used by 2.4 billion people without any major blunders.

The thing that really impressed me last night is the, "Near Pucketts? See posts from when your two friends were here." feature. It just so happened that I had just landed in Nashville and was pretty hungry. I was drawn into this place by the live music. At one point, I opened up Facebook and was able to see the posts from when two of my friends ate at this restaurant a few years ago. It was so cool to be able to share this connection with them in a strange place.

It's the little innovations like this that happen all the time and often don't get much attention that allow Facebook continue to grow the core product. I will definitely be using Facebook more when I'm traveling for that feature alone.