"Establishing a Name as He Goes"

(Note: I’ve linked to the video although I must admit, most rap videos are pretty worthless in my mind. There’s nothing special about this video. It’s all about the lyrics)

First I have to express my love for SOME rap music. As you know, I love me some quality lyrics, and SOME hip hop artists spit out some unbelievable stuff at times. Also, as a startup, I can empathize with the whole coming from nothing to make it big message.

"Establishing a name as he goes / The passion and the flame is ignited / You can’t put it out once we light it." Eminem absolutely tears it apart in this song. For Eminem, his path to success was clear although extremely difficult with many obstacles. He knew what he had to practice and improve in order to make it big.

What does an entrepreneur have to work on to make it big? What do you have to work on to make it big?

For a basketball player, it’s simple. You work on your shooting, your defense, your strength and conditioning, your knowledge of the game, and probably not often enough your free throws. As an entrepreneur, it’s not that simple and it’s very easy to get distracted.

Not to kick a man while he’s down, BUT Lebron James is a career 75% free throw shooter. You see videos of him messing around during practice taking shots from beyond half court. Dirk is a career 88% free throw shooter. I’m not saying that Lebron making more of his free throws would have won them the title, but it was a lot of little things that all add up..

The point is unless you’re Howard Stern and part of your gig is talking about Hollywood, watching useless TV is not practicing your free throws. As I said to Gary Vaynerchuk this morning, drinking wine IS practicing his free throws.

Maybe you have to change what you’re doing or trying to do, so that you really enjoy practicing your free throws. Either way, get out there and keep practicing and improving and establishing your name.