Don't be a Prostitute

Our schools are failing. There is a laundry list of reasons why this is happening, but this isn't about dwelling on the past or finger pointing. It's about solutions and improvement. Here's one simple idea I wish teachers at every level would incorporate into their curriculums.

Teach our kids not to be prostitutes.

I say this in the most loving way. Many of my best friends are prostitutes. It's not their fault. They are a product of their environment, and it's all they know. No one has ever shown them a life without prostitution and now I fear it's too late.

I've tried to teach friends about a life free from the chains of prostitution, but there is so much resistance to change. This choice of lifestyle has been planted in them since the earliest days of their education. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how I escaped as it seemed my first few years out of college were leading me directly down that path.

Perhaps a good starting place would be the definition of a prostitute:

prostitute (pros-ti-toot): noun: person who sells own abilities, talent or name for inferior purpose

How many prostitutes do you know? I'm sure quite a few. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have done things we aren't proud of at times in our lives, but it's about recognizing this. It's about identifying our higher purpose and never selling ourselves out for things we don't believe in or things that are below us. There is such an easy path to prostitution and so many opportunities to chase dirty money, but we should all be striving to take the high road.

Prostitution is engrained in our children's minds from an early age. We need to do everything we can to show them a better way.