"Do the Right Thing"

For those of you hoping to hear a really good song and see how I somehow tie it into the startup lifestyle, we have a little change today. I instead decided to include a really cool commercial for Liberty Mutual.

I know. You’re saying how could you go from Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Lady Gaga to a commercial about an insurance company. Well it has nothing to do with the insurance company (sorry Liberty Mutual) and everything to do with the message of the commercial.

Doing the right thing is contagious.

The best thing that happened to me this week is that I left my gym bag on the bus going into NYC - almost certainly never to be seen again. Totally a product of me overly multitasking on the bus, a lesson in itself (watching a TED Talk on the iPad and responding to emails on the iPhone during a 15 minute bus ride). I know what your thinking: “Damn! That’s a pretty shitty week if losing your bag is the best thing that happened all week, but hear me out here.

I immediately got pissed at myself for my irresponsibility, took an inventory of what was in the bag (just stuff for the gym maybe worth $100 all in), and then wrote it off because I was on my way to a meeting. I thought, “Maybe I’ll try to go track down of the one of 1000s of buses that comes into NYC Port Authority during morning rush hour” but obviously shot that down right away.

During my meeting, I felt my phone ring in my pocket a few times which I later discovered was the bus driver who found my business cards in the bag and left me two voicemails trying to arrange for me to get the bag back.

I met up with the bus driver the next day and got my bag back. Bam! Just like that, all the good karma I’d been storing up paid off.

Then I thought to this series of commercials about how doing the right thing is contagious (other similar commercials here and here if you really like them).

My next thought was to my startup I’ve been working on well before the bus incident, but now really hit home for me. I’m going use the internet to make this commercial happen in real life. I’m going to allow strangers to help each other in a contagious manner. I know it sounds crazy and mostly impossible, but just hang in there. Much more to come in the coming weeks. I promise.

In the mean time, be inspired by this video or the fantastic bus driver and “Do the Right Thing” everyday even if it’s only once a day. Trust me, it’s awesome.