Digital Ocean: Lessons from TechStars: Week 5


Another week gone by and it feels like a month since last week’s post. We’re at the end of Week 5 and the impending arrival of Demo Day is starting to feel real. Watching TechStars NYC Demo Day in person certainly escalated this feeling, but with 8 more weeks to go, we have a lot more to accomplish before the big day.


Ben and Moisey (pictured above) take the stage for one of our many pitch practices and that’s exactly where we’ll start this week’s recap:

  • We aren’t the first class to come through TechStars. TechStars knows what they’re doing and you have to completely trust in the process in order to get the most out of it. There is a reason why we have pitch practice every week starting in Week 1 even though the pitches are going to change drastically by Demo Day
  • Startups are hard. Thank you Ben Horowitz for this awesome reminder. TechStars does not make the hard part go away. That’s always there, but TechStars does an awesome job of surrounding you with all the resources and people you need to increase your chance of success
  • Howard Diamond is the f’ing man. We were lucky enough to have him speak to our class for an hour. He stayed longer to make sure all of our questions were answered, and so did we!
  • No matter what your business is, the best way to get people to pay attention and remember you is to tell a great story. If you suck at telling stories, read this: Tell to Win by Peter Guber
  • In the battle of Jeff vs The Real World, Jeff made some significant progress this past week. He can now be found @villagerjeff and also has a mostly working cell phone. He still has no photo ID and gets carded and turned down at almost every bar in Boulder
  • The best thing you can do for your startup is learn from startups who have been down a similar path. There was so much that we learned from the SendGrid story that is directly applicable to DigitalOcean, and who better to tell it than Isaac Saldana

Watch out Week 6. We’re coming for you…

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