Digital Ocean: Lessons from TechStars: Week 2


(Jason Seats dropping knowledge on the team late into the night)

Another week in the books. Just as amazing as the first week. Here’s what went down:

  • The true power of TechStars: We met with Jason Seats for several hours this week. For those of you who don’t know him, Jason is the Managing Director of TechStars Cloud and a founder of Slicehost, an early cloud hosting company, that was acquired by Rackspace in 2008. So yes, Jason is definitely one of the most relevant and knowledgable mentors we could ever meet with
  • We were joined at our weekly 10:10 meeting by several of the companies that just completely the TechStars Cloud program. It was great to see how they continue to make amazing progress and remain close to the other companies in their class even after the program is complete. A couple of funding announcements and a lot of hilarity ensued
  • Group text messaging is dangerous — especially during presentations and demos when our entire TS Boulder class is in the same group. Hilarious
  • We met with a few mentors for a second time and it’s awesome to look back at all the progress we made since our first meetings
  • Boulder continues to impress. GlueconBolder Boulder, and some quality outdoor time
  • Jason Mendelson is hilarious and incredibly knowledgeable. His talk about the “10 Things You Can Do to F*ck Up Your Company” was amazing, and prompted one person to even refer to Jason as the “Real LIfe Ari Gold”
  • Big shout out T.A. McCann, the founder of Gist, for taking us through his thoughts on a Minimum Viable Company (for a great recap of this check out this post by SalesLoft:
  • Moisey’s love for tacos is stronger than ever, and he can now be seen making daily appearances at Illegal Pete’s

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Thank you to all those who serve and protect our freedom and thank you to Roman Peskin for, well, being Roman!!