Digital Ocean: Lessons from TechStars: Week 1


(This video is how we decided to resolve all team conflicts and disputes going forward)

Week 1 complete!

Wow. We all had some very high expectations for how things would go down at TechStars, but in reality, we had no idea what we were in for. It’s crazy to sit here and think that it has only been 7 days. With 12 more weeks to go, it’s really exciting to think of how much the company will grow and improve.

We want to take the time (at a minimum of every week but hopefully more), to update our users, friends, family, supporters, and haters on our TechStars Boulder experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Although we can’t reveal all the secrets, we’ll do our best to let you know what goes on behind closed doors.

  • TS doesn’t have a magical wand that makes your company awesome. The program isn’t going to signup a million users and generate revenue for you
  • 30 minutes with the right mentor can save weeks of confusion, debating, and arguing. There is one meeting that we will look back on many years from now and say, “That 30 minute meeting forever changed DigitalOcean”
  • Sometimes, the most unexpected person turns out to be exactly the right person you need to talk to at that particular time
  • Even if everyone on your team knows the right answer, sometimes you just need to hear an outsider tell you exactly what you know
  • TS gives you access to everything you could ever possibly need, but it’s up to you to take advantage of it
  • If you need a developer to crank through a bunch more code late at night, convince him it is a good idea to put Icy Hot on his groin
  • There is definitely a strong camaraderie that forms between the teams and I can only imagine it is going to continue to grow stronger as we progress through the program
  • Boulder is an awesome place for tech startups. Obviously, we have our NYC shaded glasses on, but it’s a very tight and friendly community here as well

I could certainly go on and on, but this is a good start.

We came out to Boulder on a mission — we want to work our butts off to ensure that we make the most of this opportunity.