Decide... or Don't... But Decide

In religious terms, limbo is a place that is not quite heaven and not quite hell. It's this intermediate state where souls go to be completely forgotten or cast aside. If I were able to invest in the real estate market of the afterlife, I'd be 100% allocated to limbo. Heaven is probably on a slight up-tick, hell probably on a slight down-tick, but limbo has got to be booming.

I talk to so many people that are in this constant state of limbo where they can't or won't make a decision. They are afraid of commitment. They are afraid of consequences. They are afraid of making the wrong choice. They are afraid of how they will be judged if they make a wrong decision. There's a lot of fear around decision making.

The craziest part about this limbo generation is that I'm not even talking about major life decisions. I'm talking about where to go for dinner on a Friday night!

Make a fucking choice.

It's the only way to get out of limbo. I stood with a group of 4 women in the middle of the sidewalk in a new city trying to decide what to do after dinner. I wasn't about to make a choice only because I wanted to see how this experiment would play out. We stood in that exact spot on the sidewalk without moving for well over 5 minutes without making a decision. Most of that time was spent in complete, awkward silence. It was painful, but I was committed to this experiment. Finally, after what seemed like hours, someone made a decision. Everyone agreed, if only to break the awkwardness. We all went along with this decision and had an amazing time.

I'm not trying to be sexist or pick on women here. That just happens to be the group I was with. I see it just as much with men. Nobody wants to make a decision anymore. A decision means you have to accept responsibility for the consequences. A decision means getting out of the comfort zone of limbo and ending up in heaven or hell.

If you make a shit decision and end up in hell, you'll survive. It's only dinner. You get to try again next weekend or even tomorrow night. If it's really that bad, you could get up and leave. But if you just stand there, awkwardly, on the sidewalk, I promise you that nothing is going to happen.

If you're sitting on a difficult decision right now, I beg you to make a decision. One way or the other, decide. 9 times out of 10 you have probably over-analyzed it and already have all the information that you're likely to have. Make a decision, have conviction in yourself that you made the right choice, and know that your decision muscle just got a little stronger.