Dancing at 87 Years Old

This past weekend was my grandmother's 87 birthday, and I wrote about the first part of the adventure here. After the River Lady boat tour, we went over to Seaside to hang out with some of the Jersey Shore's finest. My grandmother's family has owned bars and arcades in Seaside for longer than I've been alive, and that's where grandma wanted to go. So we went. Saturday night at the Jersey Shore.

We were definitely not prepared for what happened next.

We were hanging out at the bar and kid (maybe 21 but who knows) and his girlfriend try to get my mom to take a shot of Fireball with them. She refused, but we were all laughing about it. Next thing we knew, grandma was no where to be found.

She wandered her way out onto the dance floor.

My 87 year old grandma was dancing her heart out in the center of the dance floor on a Saturday night in Seaside. It was so priceless. The dance floor was loving it. The DJ was all about it. It was really something special.

My goal, if I make it to 87, is to make sure I'm healthy enough to be dancing the night away on my 87th birthday. Well played grandma. Well played.