Called Out


Last night I saw a tweet from Mashable that caught my eye:

Travel Back in Time With Facebook’s Newest Feature

— Mashable (@mashable)
August 1, 2013

Normally I just ignore this type of stuff and let the world continue to do its thing. For some reason last night, I read this tweet at the exact wrong moment and felt the need to respond in a negative way. I don’t know if I was mainly scared for Timehop or just frustrated at the lack of creativity, but I wrote this:

@mashable ugh you mean they’re blatantly ripping off my favorite startup @timehop even copying the marketing? lame. hope it fails miserably

— John B. Petersen III (@JohnBPetersen)
August 1, 2013

And I was immediately and rightfully called out by Charlie O’Donnell (and my only childish response was to take down the Mets).

I don’t really hope that Facebook’s On This Day fails miserably. I know that there is a team at FB that spent a lot of time building that out, and I don’t wish any negative voodoo their way.

I just hope Timehop continues to innovate and build a product that I love.

Thanks Charlie for calling it how it is.