"Call Me Evil or Unbelievable"

On Tuesday night, I went to the Reds/Mets game at Citi Field. Second to last game of the season for two non-playoff teams. Nothing special, right?


Well it just so happened that a friend from high school was starting at 3rd base for the Reds, so a big crowd from Toms River was at the game to show support. We had amazing seats, the game went 13 innings, and I got to see my friend make SportsCenter Top Plays by doing this.

Oh, and I made my second TV appearance at a baseball game this season (here’s my post on the first).

That was just the beginning of the fun though. We acted like we owned Citi Field, went into the players tunnel, met a bunch of the Reds players, went back to the hotel they were staying at, and then went out for some beers. The only thing I will say about what went down is that Brandon Phillips is as absolutely as amazing as his twitter presence would indicate. Very cool dude.

My big observation from the night is that these baseball players I watch on TV every night are real people. Ground breaking, I know. Sure, they may make more money in one season “playing a game” than most people will make in their lives, and sure, there was a guy in the hotel lobby trying to sell them $50,000 watches. But, they are real people.

These real people put in more hard work and practice and training than you would ever think. They are very clear on their goals and have more dedication and determination to making those goals a reality that most people on the planet.

You can call these professional athletes “evil or unbelievable,” but don’t sit there and complain about how much money they make. Find something that you are overwhelmingly passionate about that pays nice and have the dedication that these guys have to make it real.