Awesome post by Bryce. Version 2.0 of me is what is needed. I think I’m at 1.8 — significantly upgraded from where I was just a short while ago, but still need some tweaking to be firing on all cylinders.


But I think that’s what getting in over your head is supposed to feel like. It feels so wrong because you’re the wrong person do what your gut told you was so right.

And that’s the point.

You need to be a different version of you. A version 2.0 of you. The version of you your gut tells you you’re capable of being. Problem is you can’t transform to the latter without violent changes to the former. And that’s why it feels so wrong. Because who you are is not who you need to be and that transformation will make everything about your current self feel wrong.

… I have to admit I’m still in over my head. But what the last year has taught me is that over my head is exactly where I should be.