Brand Personality Done Right

I finally got around to checking my mail which provided me with a few surprises — mostly not fun. Turns out, they actually tried to warn me a few times before they suspended my driver’s license for a parking ticket I swear I never saw.

On the bright side, I finally found and opened a letter I knew was hiding in the two-month-old mail pile. No, not the Christmas card of my brother, wife, and 6 month old baby Gavin, although that was nice. I am referring to a letter from Cyberdyne. has done brand personality right from Day 1, and this hand-written note accompanying my Shelby sticker was no different. Full disclosure: I am not an investor but I am a big fan of the team and avid user of the product :)

For anyone attempting to build a consumer-facing product, I first suggest you read this wonderful guest post by FAKEGRIMLOCK - Minimum Viable Personality. Then, take some time to watch @onshelby in action.

I am a student of all things tech startups and spend a lot of time studying and learning the ways of the force. I’ve been an outside observer of the Shelby team for almost a year now and it has truly been a great learning experience for me. Watching them go from beta to a full product launch in the app store while building a great team and having a ton of fun along the way has been incredible.

It’s hard not to root for these guys, and with that I am proud to show off my Shelby sticker. Stay classy Shelby.