Outstanding Moral Fiber

A random tweet happened to catch my eye today. Nothing about how Apple is falling apart without Steve Jobs or how the Yankees are in trouble because A-Rod has a broken hand.

It was a tweet by Ben Parr that drew me in with its gravitation force of awesomeness and made me stop and think. I like things that make me think.

This totally caught me off guard. I couldn’t agree more. So naturally, I then have to check out his Twitter profile to dig for more gold from the man behind the tweet. I didn’t have to go very far before I found something even more incredible.

"I have the ability & thus the responsibility to change the world for the better."


For the record, I don’t know Ben Parr other than through Twitter and I have never met him.  But I do know that I have never been more impressed with a person via one tweet and profile than I am with Ben right now.

Very nicely done Mr. Parr. If we ever happen to cross paths, know that the first round is on me.