"Behold the Bold Soldier"

It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve heard this song (Triumph by Wu Tang - quite the throwback I know) and never really heard this line:

"Behold the bold solider. Control the globe slowly."

Sure I’ve heard the line plenty of times, but it just never really sunk in. A lot of things happen almost unconsciously that we barely pay attention until one day we finally see the light. And then from that day on, we are always aware of it.

Like the Fedex arrow. If you have never actually seen the arrow in the logo, take a look now. Mind blown. You’re welcome.

Another one of these light bulb moments occurred when I heard about the saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I wrote an entire post about this here - "With a Little Help From My Friends".

I have definitely been making some progress in this area, and it excites me. I like to be around people who are better than me - smarter, more experience, somehow better. That is one of the best ways I know to speed up my learning curve and constantly be improving.

I had a very rewarding moment at the gym this week. I have become friendly with the head trainer (probably because I bother him every day asking for the missing jump rope). As I was doing my ninja workout, he commented that I was making it look too easy, and by no means is this an easy workout. So he told me to make this one little change that will make it much more difficult.

Of course, he was totally right. Almost killed myself but still did it.

These are the type of people that I need in my life. The people that see what I’m doing and push and encourage me to take it even further than I thought possible. Just step it up to a whole new level.

It’s all part of my 3-step plan to “control the globe slowly.”

Learn. Grow. Dominate.