Ask RoadHouse: TechStars Tributes #1: Nicole Glaros


So, I’m not a great blogger. I don’t share the things in my head as often as I should, particularly not in a way that can be shared and helpful to others.

Now, I’ve got a real monkey on my back as we reach the final countdown to Demo Day, to somehow pay forward the amazing things the TechStars team and program have given to me, my co-founders, our company, and the other amazing teams here in the 2012 class that I truly love and care about…

…Nicole is the single most badass person I know. Seriously. She is the Chuck Norris of mentorship. Take your flaky ideas in her office and her kung fu will leave them lying in a broken pile like so many poorly equipped evil henchmen. If you can’t see the value in that, you’re in trouble as an entrepreneur.

Great post by Mike “Roadhouse” Nichols — the creator and cofounder of RollSale. Really looking forward to watching these fine gentlemen take the stage on Thursday to present at TechStars Boulder Demo Day.

"The Chuck Norris of mentorship." Amazingly well put. And yes, I am seriously afraid of her roundhouse.