Am I Helping or Hurting?


I really struggle with this one and could use some opinions here..

In a former life I was required to do door-to-door sales, so I have come to fully appreciate how awful it is to try to sell something to a stranger. As a result, I feel compelled to listen to someone’s sale pitch even when I know there is absolutely no shot of me making a purchase. Although in all fairness there was one time where a pretty saleswoman sold me some dead sea salt moistureizer that was a totally amazing and unnecessary purchase that I really didn’t want to buy. One time I was sold..

Am I helping the person out by listening to them or am I really just wasting their time? In my mind, I feel like I am doing them a bit of a favor by stopping and listening to them when everyone else just wants to kick dirt on them. But then I feel like they could be focusing their attention to people with a better chance of buying.

On my late night walk home last night, I stopped and listened to a pitch from a guy who begged me to listen and said he was cold and no one would talk to him. So I listened, and he made a compelling pitch, but I just wasn’t buying. Did I waste his time or was he thankful he could finally get out more than a hello to someone? Not sure.

I respect the hustle but don’t know if I’m helping or hurting…

Doing What's Easy