Action > > > Avatar -- SOPA Smashing Time

If you pay attention to the Twitter world, you have probably seen quite a few images that look like this. Hunter Walk built some cool little app that makes it very easy to add a the STOP SOPA banner to your twitter image, and naturally it spread through the Twitterverse like wild fire because of how easy it was to publicly show your anger towards SOPA.

I loved Hunter’s avatar changing app along with Fred Wilson and many others and quickly made the plunge, even though I’ve always hesitated to do things like this.

And then Bryce Roberts wrote this great piece “Actions Speak Louder Than Avatars" that really hit home for me. Like Bryce and so many of our colleagues, I realized that changing your avatar is like “screaming into an echo chamber.” So, I called my senators. I also registered my first domain at NameCheap instead of GoDaddy because of their shenanigans, and I made a potentially very costly business decision to stand against an official SOPA Supporter that I hope to be able to talk about one day.

All that said, I agree with Bryce that changing an avatar “doesn’t matter. What matters is taking action.” If everyone just changed their avatar and did nothing else, SOPA and PIPA would win. But we need our politicians who support these bills to feel the pain and wrath of a pissed off internet community — GoDaddy style.

Enter the Emergency New York Tech Meetup. This. Is. Action.

I’ve never been to any sort of rally or protest or strike, but I am definitely going to be at this emergency rally to tell Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand what’s up.

If you think SOPA is dead, it’s not. Not yet. And PIPA is still going strong. SOPA has been “shelved” meaning they are trying to figure out clever ways to make it happen. If movies have taught us anything, you know that when you have a wounded opponent, you don’t turn your back and claim victory. You make sure you finish the job and kill this nonsense once and for all.

Now I have to call you out. If you changed your avatar to protest SOPA and you are in NYC, then you better find a way to get your ass to this emergency rally. Otherwise, just change your avatar back to normal because you are not helping.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." — MLK, Jr.