A Sincere Thank You (Part III: The Tech Community)


It is almost unbelievable to think that 2012 was just the first year that we hosted the NY Tech Day. The response to this event was tremendous! The Armory was packed with nearly two hundred exhibitors and the thousands of attendees. 

We were especially honored to connect the startups to the many investors. They took the time to visit the Armory in the morning and meet the exhibitors before the official event opened. Judging from the great feedback we received, we look forward to hearing about successful new startup partnerships emerging from this year’s tech day.

Additionally we want to thank the members of the press that came out to report on our “science fair for startups”. We hoped Tech Day would showcase the innovative new companies emerging in the NY Tech community, and the journalists have stepped up. We are so excited to watch the buzz about the event grow. Thank you.

But of course, there are so many more people that helped make this event such a success. The tech community is a growing ecosystem with so many different parts and pieces, and Thursday reflected that. A big thank you to all the people who stopped by the Armory: thank you to all the attendees, to the job-seekers, to the early adopters, to the students (who may have skipped class to come through) and everyone else who came out.

It’s amazing that you were able to turn this…


…into this


We were so glad to see you at this event and hope you will join us again next year for NY Tech Day 2013.