A Sincere Thank You (Part I: Sponsors)


As the inaugural NY Tech Day has come and gone, we are literally speechless as we sort through emails, twitter feeds and Google searches with stories from last Thursday. We are so grateful for all those who helped make the day a success and everyone who showed up at the Armory for a fun-filled day of tech startups.

As we have a lot of people to thank, we are going to break it up into 5 parts with a new Thank You post every day this week.

Sponsors of NY Tech Day, we cannot thank you enough.

It is because of these great companies that we were able to keep registration free for attendees and inexpensive for exhibitors — not to mention all the other awesome stuff that went down.

Event Sponsors

Booth Sponsors (who covered the exhibitor’s fee for some of our exhibitors)

Additional Sponsors

  • NASDAQ OMX — provided a great brunch during the Press and Investor Hour
  • SendGrid — provided a super delicious lunch to our hungry exhibitors and attendees

Contributing Companies

  • Uber — donated a $100 gift certificate to all NY Tech Day Award winners
  • Apress — donated a book to all NY Tech Day Award winners
  • VaynerMedia — donated a catered lunch to the “Best Unfunded Startup”
  • Chocomize— provided customized chocolate bars to our Press and Investors

We are incredibly thankful to all of our amazing sponsors and contributors. They truly helped us make NY Tech Day a reality.