A Lesson in Product Launch


I am truly thankful that I am a backer of the MAKE FAKEGRIMLOCK POSTERS on Kickstarter. I pledged $50 and I honestly have no idea what I’m getting anymore. I know I am getting so much more than the 3 posters I originally signed up for.

So the posters and all the free stuff are very cool and I’m super excited to find it in the mail one day soon, but I am even more impressed with the job that FAKEGRIMLOCK did with the entire project. Start to finish, this should be a case study on how to launch a product.

Obviously, the key is to have a product that people want, but then FG went so far beyond that. He perfectly nailed a ridiculous marketing technique called “Stacking the Cool" to the point that I don’t even know what I’m getting anymore. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for all my presents.

The product launch was a huge success as it blew past its original goal of $3500 to reach a final pledged amount of $22,337. Amazing.

If you study marketing or your job involves marketing at any level, I would seriously take note. FG nailed it: everything from the project updates to the occasional sneak previews to the Unlocked Updates.

I know there have been other great projects, but I would seriously love to see Kickstarter do a case study on this incredible launch.