22nd Century Poetry

I have been blessed with the ability to see the future.

No, not the palm reading, crystal ball viewing future. I’m talking about the ability to see how things are going to play out several steps ahead of the game. It’s why back in the day I used to be a hell of a chess player. Watching things unfold as predicted is pretty exciting stuff and has served me well throughout the years.

This was a great asset to me when I was working in the corporate world on multimillion dollar projects. I could visualize the features that would add the most / least value and could identify issues, problems, and solutions early. I became the fixer of the most critical and failing projects. Working with clients and creating financial plans, I am always predicting the future through a combination of facts, guesses and assumptions. I also have seen many of my inventions and business ideas come to fruition at the hands of others - incredibly frustrating but a good validation.

Often times, my future-viewing abilities take my brain to the strangest places. What happened to great poetry, for example. Maybe there are good poets today and I’m just being ignorant, but I find it unlikely that someone today would be compared with the all-time great poets.

So now I know you’re wondering where all this is going. Children 100 years from now will be studying the great poetry of today’s musicians, bands, and singers. It’s scary, I know.

Think about it for a second. Music is such a large part of today’s society. Even though we are drawn in by the sounds and beats and personalities, occasionally there are powerful messages and meaning in the lyrics. I’m not talking about Britney Spears and Justin Bieber here, but talented musicians who take great pride in every word and line of a song.

So, in honor of those great lyrics and musicians, many of my future blogs will be based on my favorite lyrics as they apply to my life as an entrepreneur and businessman.