2014: The Year of the Ultimate Me

2014: The Year of the Ultimate Me

So here’s the thing. Resolutions are bullshit. 99.99% of people who set New Years resolutions fail… miserably. It’s just too easy to give up on your resolutions, because that is the expected outcome. After a few weeks, everyone fails their resolutions, so it’s ok if you do too. That’s why I don’t have resolutions.

That said, I do have some ambitious goals for 2014.

I’ve already been working on nearly all of these goals for a some time now, but it’s time to make them public. They’re broken down into my own interpretation of the Wheel of Life based on the things that are most important to me right now. As with every new year, I will make this the best year of my life, and this is my blueprint to make it happen.

A couple of quick notes:

  • It is by mostly pure coincidence that there are exactly as many goals as I have years on this planet, but I kinda like it
  • Some of the goals or numbers have been replaced with xxxxx as they are personal
  • I will be writing an update post on my progress in each of these areas at the end of every month

Let’s get real:


  1. Maintain 175 lbs and 10% body fat (currently: 190 lbs & 15%)
  2. Wake up every work day at 5am
  3. Obtain a minimum of 6.5 hours of sleep a night
  4. Perform a P90x2 workout 7x per week
  5. Continue with Paleo diet and no fast food
  6. Completely unplug for 2 full days per quarter
  7. xxxxx
  8. xxxxx


  1. Produce $5,000 / month in passive recurring revenue
  2. Achieve $xxxxx revenue in first quarter
  3. Achieve $xxxxx revenue in 2014
  4. Blog 6x / month — 2 personal, 4 business
  5. Attend Business Mastery next winter
  6. Get twitter handle @jbp3
  7. Properly shut down Petersen Wealth Management (whoops)


  1. Pay off credit card in 3 months (starting companies is expensive)
  2. Pay off car payment in 6 months
  3. Refinance / Sell house in 12 months (future post coming)
  4. Re-establish savings account to cover 6 months of living expenses


  1. Read 24 books this year — 1 business and 1 personal / month (future post coming)
  2. Redesign, code and deploy personal website
  3. Code personal side project
  4. Complete 12 Monthly Experiments (future post coming)


  1. Volunteer at least once a month
  2. Mentor 2 entrepreneurs


  1. Strengthen my “Core 5”
  2. xxxxx


  1. Take trip to Brazil for the World Cup
  2. Take trip to Europe
  3. Play 12 rounds of golf
  4. Drink to taste

There you have it. 2014 is going to be the Year of the Ultimate Me. Yes, this is beyond ambitious, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

12 Monthly Experiments

12 Monthly Experiments

Do Something

Do Something