163 and Done

Last night I watched the New York Yankees get dominated in a win or go home, best of 1 playoff game. They lost, and now they can go home.

It's tough as a fan. It must be even more difficult as a player. You go through a grueling 162 game regular season. You start training and practicing in February (not to mention whatever personal workouts you do in the off season on your own). You do what you were supposed to do -- make the playoffs. And then you run into one of the best pitchers in the game right now, you squeak out 3 hits for the whole game and you are sent home.

Don't feel too bad for these guys. They (most) have very large contracts that pay them amazing well, and I'm sure they'll survive. It's my hope that they use this defeat to train harder and become even better for next season. Use this as a character building exercise and try to take some positive out of this defeat. Only time will tell. See you in the spring Yankees.