12 Monthly Experiments

I have a healthy list of goals that I will accomplish in 2014. We are 8 days into the new year, and things are rocking. I’m admittedly not achieving every goal immediately as there have been some radical changes, but it’s all about the journey. I’m slacking in my 12 Monthly Experiments mostly because I didn’t know what my 12 Monthly Experiments should be. Until now.

The idea behind the 12 Monthly Experiments originated from Reece Pacheco (or whoever inspired him to do this). I consider myself to be a “life scientist” in that I am always performing little experiments to better understand myself and how my body and mind react in certain situations and conditions. In my list of goals, I have things that I am committed to for the long term. These are things that I have been doing, want to maintain and things that I know I should be doing more. That’s not what these experiments are about.

The 12 Monthly Experiments are about doing things I think I should be doing. In taking the Lean Startup approach, I have some assumptions that doing the things on this list will add value to my life and others around me. If I can validate that assumption, then I will find a way to make this a permanent change and part of my routine. If the experiment is a complete and total bust, well, it was only a small amount of time that I’ve invested to find out the answer.

So without further ado, the 2014 list of Monthly Experiments:

  • January: Come up with 10 startup ideas a day

  • February: Introduce 2 people who should meet every day

  • March: Maintain a strict email routine

  • April: Learn something new every day and document it

  • May: Engage in a competitive activity every day

  • June: Work outside for 1 hour every day

  • July: Do some serious exploring of Brazil

  • August: Take a Power Nap every day

  • September: Answer a question on Quora every day

  • October (birthday month): Try something new every day

  • November: Write a Journal Entry every day

  • December: Sleep 8 hours a night

So there you have it. These are the things I will do throughout the year to shake it up a bit and find out a lot more about myself along the way. I know I’m a little behind as I’ve missed a fully 7 days this month, but I’m make up for it. Also, know that these are totally subject to change at any time as I may come up with something better or more relevant. Let the fun begin.