11 Minutes

I want to give a huuuuuge shout out to Mom and Dad. I'm so thankful for the way I was raised.

This current shout out is brought to you by 11 minutes.

The River Lady

This weekend we went out on The River Lady for my grandmother's 87 birthday. The River Lady is this large, Victorian-style paddle boat that takes you on a historic tour of the Toms River.

We had to be at the dock by 12pm to start boarding. If you didn't make it there by 12:30, they'd leave without you. My family got there by 12:15, quite amazing by our normal standards, so my dad and I sat on the dock enjoying the nice weather before boarding. I noticed this family frantically checking their cell phones and watches behind me.

"11 minutes! They only have 11 minutes before the boat leaves without them" one woman wildly exclaimed as the missing car finally pulled up to the dock."

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. They had to rush all of the children out of the car, so they could park and get back in time before the boat left them. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.

With about 8 minutes left, the driver peeled out his tires as he pulled away for parking lot. The rest were all now running down the dock to the boat.

The parking lot was 250 feet away. Even if the driver were to walk to the boat from the parking lot at a casual pace, he would have made the entire journey in 2 minutes. And yet, he ran. He made it with about 5 minutes to spare.

What's the big rush?

My father and I watched this whole situation go down with only a slight giggle from the nearby bench enjoying the breeze. With about 3 minutes to go, we causally strolled down the dock and onto the boat. Plenty of time to spare.

Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of time and how they choose to manage it. I am eternally grateful that I was taught to enjoy it and relax.