This is my /Now Page (inspired by Derek Sivers). It's a super brief rundown of all the significant things happening in my life right now. Last update: 1/27/17

Firehawk Creative

We recently completed an amazing product that is certainly some of the best work we've ever done. I am so far beyond excited to see it being used by Fortune 1000 companies as it transforms workplace engagement. After 3+ years of Firehawk, it gives me tremendous pride that our quality consistently exceeds any and all expectations.


Expansion is in the air! I'm focused on co-creating badass products, and this isn't a solo mission by any means. I've been having amazing conversations with people who are looking to make greater impact. I'm looking to bring these people together -- the most talented tech geniuses and the epic visionaries. It is through the combination of these two worlds that we can build the products we need and we deserve.

An Abundant Network

A huge focus for me in 2017 is improving the quality of my network. Relationships are fucking everything. It's tremendously important to me that I am surrounding myself with epic people -- deepening existing relationships and forging new ones. I am going to be very strategic about this and put quality metrics in place. I know it's crazy, but I'm totally committed to this effort.

10 Hours A week

I went to this totally badass leadership conference and came back with a notebook full of goodies. One of my biggest takeaways was a story about keeping 10 sacred hours a week. I'm still figuring out exactly what my 10 hours will entail, but it will definetly incorprate a combination of mindfulness, physhical activities and adventures and a commitment to learning. Thanks for leading by example Ben!

The Dollop Podcast

I normally listen to podcasts that make me smarter: Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Hardcore History, 99% Invisible, etc. My buddy Mike came through with this recommendation and I was instantly hooked. These two comedians riff on some random story from American History. It's pure gold. With all of the nonsense that happened in 2016, it's fun to be that guy who gets ridiculous looks because I'm uncontrollablly laughing out loud on a crowded subway train :)