If I had to boil everything down into one simple, consumable statement to shout from the highest mountains, it would be this:

Helping the best people build the best products

That could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but here's what it means for me.

My greatest gift is my ability to solve problems. I've become exceptionally talented at creating simple and elegant solutions. It's a skillset I've been committed to mastering since I could walk, and it's what gives me the most joy in life.

Once my passion for solving problems joined forces with the unlimited power and potential of web development, I knew I found my calling. It was that moment that I realized that I could help create massive impact through the products that we build.

I've spent that last few years learning how to design the best products, creating the right systems and environment to ensure the highest quality software and most importantly identifying the types of people and projects where I can have the most impact.

I am committed to engineering solutions to the world's most worthy problems through technology and simplicity.

This isn't a solo mission. I'm looking to co-create with the most talented technology geniuses to help them build the products their souls were put on this planet to create. And I'm always searching for incredibly entrepreneurs who can change the world with their vision and leadership. It is through the combination of these two worlds, the tech geniuses and the visionaries, that we can build the products we need and we deserve.

If I can spend the rest of my life helping the best people build the best products, it will be a life well spent.

-- jbp3