I've never had a reason not to shave in November. It always seemed like a great idea to me -- to go a month without shaving to raise awareness for men's health issues -- but the desire to remove the awkwardly-growing hair from my face always outweighed any reason I had not to.

This November is different. This month I will not be shaving in memory of my friend Alex Niles.

Alex passed away in April this year. It was difficult for me then, and it's still difficult now. In September of 2013, Alex Niles was diagnosed with Stage IV gastric cancer at the age of 30. He fought like a champion and became a hero to us all. His journey is the most courageous and inspiring thing I have ever witnessed.

I will not be shaving for this month, but I want to take it a step further. I want to live the next 30 days like Alex wanted us all to live:

  • Having an constant, unwavering positive attitude
  • Smiling
  • Eating super healthy
  • Enjoying every single moment we have on this planet
  • Laughing at whatever challenges come my way
  • Being an inspiration to everyone around us

Alex, this month is for you. I'm doing my best to live up to the incredibly high standards you set for us all. We got this.