Back in the earliest days of Firehawk, we established a system where people could meet with us for coffee to discuss anything they wanted. It was very well received and led to many interesting meetings and opportunities. It was a very informal way to engage with us on a personal level and was a great way to talk to entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of their companies. Interestingly, we also had a "Request a Quote" button on the site, and the Coffee Meeting Requests out-performed the Quote Requests at least four-to-one.

We are still regularly receiving and accepting coffee meeting requests, and I enjoy them just as much today as I did when we first started.

There's some wonderful psychology behind it that we thankfully stumbled into, and I'm very glad we did. Asking for a quote request feels like a very formal thing, but asking for a coffee meeting is exactly the opposite. A quick coffee chat is often the most efficient way to add value. I wrote this back 2013 and it still stands true today:

"One of the most enjoyable things that we do at Firehawk is meet with incredibly talented and passionate people. I love hearing what people are working on, the problems people are trying to solve, what keeps them up at night, the things they are struggling with and being able to offer feedback along the way."

In that regard, I want to double down on this effort. If you are interested in grabbing a coffee (in person or virtual) to chat about anything and everything, drop me an email and we'll make it happen.